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Inkubus Sukkubus – Io Pan

Great god of all mankind, of nature and of lust
Of the future yet untold and nations in the dust
From an age of wood and stone, through bronze, iron and steel
In the forests and in the trees and in both man and beast
For a hundred-thousand years and onto the future days
He’s the earth, he’s the sky and he’s the solar blaze
Io Pan! God of death and all creation
Io Pan! God of lust and of nature
Great god of the internet, his web around the earth

In every city in every land, across the whole wide world
Pan, Herne, Cernunnos, Lord of the Sacred Flame
But to the Christian fools Satan is his name
Angel of the Seraphim, they dread him more than death
And they wait for apocalypse, they wait with bated breath
Io Pan! God of death and all creation
Io Pan! God of lust and of nature
Io Pan! God of all that stands before us
Io Pan! God of light and god of darkness
Great god of the wild hunt, speed us to the prey
To the game, to the stars, speed us all the way
Guide for me my axe of flint and let my aim be true
Lord of darkness, Lord of light, lead us to the truth
Great god of the Universe give me my heart’s desire
Give to me the gift of flight and your eternal fire

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