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Qwel – The

But brothers would it kill us to change?
And chain ’em up in prison when it filled ’em with hate, cause ain’t a difference
It’s pound for pound the literal weigh
Stay down for now
It’s crowns are minutes away
And hey, to each his image, with satan lickin his fangs
But sang bandstand freedom in it’s business of slaves
Who paid Jay-Z and Mantan to give it away?
Shit’ll take some new brand pants to get us to stay
Make haste
To the pinnacle, infinite, made of mineral clay
Today we’re diamond, nickled, crippled out of critical rate
A little wisdom with some rhythm to pray
A place within em, livin grace as original as the middle of gray
His cynic cake and Antoinette with a tyrannical taste
Faith abandoned
How we wise if even famine obeys?
Now we’re swimming with the salmon to calamity’s lake
With granite feet, shaped from vanity and grammy speech “thanks”
The late great planet E
The hand of greed squeezed, fannin these flames
Nine to five will be the ant theme, but man, it’d be great
Time’s a lie, Yah’s alive, why’s it man that we praise?
Anchor hands and canvas feet
Like, damn if we say
Standing deep beneath the, deep between the span of these banks
It might take a Barbie chant to get the answer dj’ed

But man it might change us to stay
Straight line ’em up and shoot ’em when they cued ’em for fame
It’s the same unnamed shooters, through the hoop with the flames
Saying truth is the rain, remain luminous and true to this or lose it in vain
Computer Judas rather view it through the tube in his brain
Supersized, eyes swollen open, two to a cage
Mother funded dungeons, running on punishment budgets
Someone’s up to something
Govern it, two to a plane for fame, sing it again, a cell
Scream it, a gain, a name
Losin it paid us well
Keep it the same and bang
Claimin the realest real
To reel in your favorite slave
Peeling the seal revealed for real
His name remains the purest
See the trees for the forest
Born to be the force of meteors or screamin it towards us
They’d sort us off in sections
There deception ignores us
To sort us to the new world
Or new world orders
For motherfuckers that would maim us to prey
Aim and pay ’em off as senators
The predators bait
Fate inevites the snake
Like, whatevers your flav
Pay the rent for your president
We’re peasants or slaves
Which is better?
Richest debtors get a whip whipped instead of a say
Let it fix itself, while dangling from venomous fangs
Your name is sediment
The bestest threats to get you to break
To make the exodus from genocide
The letters we paint

But brothers would it kill us to change from vain
jiggy, diddy, viddy what you give me to up jump the boogie
But man it might change us to stay the same shitty
gritty, cities hittin kiddies with fronts, stunts, and hoodies
Sissies with a name and claim to fame
woody looking goody, it’s all boogie to beat beat beat
With deceit seat seeded and conceit’s teeth gleamin
the truth gets diluted to me me me

Qwel – Stress.com

Hello I’m stress, Fuck you!
You’re fired, and pregnant
‘Cause I control this twisted carnival, hit the exits
I spent your rent on killin’ children, chasin’ red cents
Tasted birthday cake, wanna vote?
Invade with dead cents
From hemp scented bar parking lots where justice don’t chill
To money hungry starvin’ artists dressin’ up with no skills
So hush, pretend it’s a game
Just remember the pain
Write a song about the industries dust intrigued lust
Then it’s the same jargon hardened garbage
How’s your liver? How’s your sister?
Drown her kids in liquor sips
Stereo sounds for six figures
It’s bigger then right and wrong
It’s writing songs for singing sheep to sleep
Bleach the sheets, Teathin’ leeches teach the feast
On your babies dreams, ’cause maybe things ain’t that bad
Not considering, I’m not the victim cop this image, cop this insulin
Rip the infants limb for limb
Stretch their skins for instruments
Bang the drum, bang the gun
Buy the jeans by the hope
Buy the smoke by the gallon
Buy the rope by the throat
Buy the talon by the rope
Buy the throat by the talon
Mimicking riddles fillin’ abusions
Filling these shoes that’s impossible
Fossils rockin’ Big Macs and public hip hop and toppled obstacles, and stumbling
You’ve got a shot, humilities just an anchor
Work to turn the slaves into graves
Ashes to cash dust to pay dirt
Chalk up a favor, pay it later
For now we’ll fake the sound
Ground shakin’ anti-gravity
When your wallet weighs you down
Hip hop cultures flourishing worth worshiping these vulture skulls
Of target markets, red targets and carbon multiples
Of headings beading sevens, sixes and small print
I’ll be Tyreseus to lead these lemmings towards the dolphin shit
I’ll be Tyreseus to lead these lemmings towards the dolphin shit
They have eyes but do not see
I’m not the victim, cop this image, cop this insulin
I’m not the victim, cop this image, cop this insulin
I’m not the victim, cop this image, cop this insulin
I’m not the victim, I’m not the victim, I’m not the victim

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