Live – Ghost

everybody has a ghost
everybody has a ghost who sings like you do
your’s is not like mine
it’s alright but keep it up
boy loses rib in new orleans
he can’t help eyein’ up the whores
under the bridge
boy loses rib and lets a hellified cry into the dark
where did I go wrong?
Where did I go wrong?
I never needed this before
I need a woman to help me feel
Everybody has a dream
everybody has the dream like a world tattoo

yours is not like mine, it’s alright, keep it up
the scalpel dives into the skin
good doctors never leave a scar
no proof again
I’ll take the myth, you take the blood
it’s all the same to the world dreamer
it’s all the same in the end
boy loses rib in new orleans
he trades some ether for a chance
under the bridge
boy loses rib as he’s summoned to the mud
flat on his back
cryin’ where did I go wrong?

Eklenme Tarihi: Eylül 3, 2007 1:59 am

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