Anathema – Destiny

Anathema – Destiny

Ive feeling I may not be coming down from this,
I was searching through the heavens and somehow I slipped,

I feel, Im seeing so clear

Trying to forget tomorrow and all thats happened,
This is not the way, the way I was meant to be.

I feel, Im seeing so clear,
I thought I was never going to die.
I feel, Im seeing so clear,
We need more time.

Slipping away, I think Im gonna crack,
Misplaced trust, loyalty stabbed in the gut.

I feel, Im seeing so clear,
I thought I was never coming back,

Ive been down for awhile,
And now Im coming back…

Anathema – ALTERNATIVE 4

Anathema – ALTERNATIVE 4

Its killing you, youre killing me,
Im clinging on to my sanity,
All I need is a short term remedy,
Come and hide me from this terrible reality…

Dreaded memories flood back to me,
But theres still a wilful mind behind these cold,
psychotic eyes,
Now I tread this path so differently,
Ive opened my mind and darkened my entire life.

Ill dance with the angels to celebrate the holocaust,
And far beyond my far gone pride,
Is knowing that well soon be gone,
Knowing that Ill soon be gone…